Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge in Nanaimo BC

This is easy access but not wheel chair accessible. Total walk in and out and wandering about 30 minutes.
Closes access is from Timberlands Rd that then turns into Ninatti Rd (gravel road)(google earth), gate then you drive by the work yard and just follow the road for about 1.5 kms where there is a sharp turn and a stop sign for the traffic from the right. Small parking area here that the owners of the road probably made to keep cars off the main road (guess).

This appears to be an active industrial road so watch out for trucks and the gate before the work yard indicates it is locked from 6pm to 6 am.
The view from the suspension bridge is fantastic. This is part of the Trans Canada Trail. Parking outside the gate just makes for a longer walk and parking at the other trail head on Timberlands Road makes for a very long walk.

1. Don’t use google maps to get here! 2. Check out previous reviews and go to the Nanaimo Parks website which tells you how to get here, off of Timberlands Rd. It’s about a 15 min hike in and then you’re at the bridge. We stayed for about 10 min and then headed back. Loved the sign about not getting off the trail due to open mines and collapses… Kids loved it!

source: Tripadvisor

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