Protection Island in Nanaimo BC

The foot ferry across was a lot of fun . Lots of friendly locals ,who visit with you sharing stories and history . Rob the Captain (only crew) is fun and informative . He helps you on and off the ferry if you need it ,he always asked. Safety is his priority. Lots of conversation laughter and even some old time music!👍 Lunch in the pub was lovely ,good service and food. Apparently music Trivia is on Thursday nite and the ferry runs so guests at the pub can participate All in all well worth the trip!

If you are looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon then Colliery Dam Park may be what you are looking for. The walking paths are wide and A short ferry ride from Nanaimo is one of its rural neighborhoods located on an island within view of the city lights. Residents on this island use municipal water and sewer lines as well as municipal electricity. The island itself is an idyllic place with many unpaved roads, a mixture of property types and a backwoods feel. Most properties are ocean front or ocean view. The interior of the island is studded with parks and paths. Island residents mostly use golf carts to navigate their way from ferry to home, although there are some vehicles. Interesting place to spend an afternoon on a sunny day.

After getting off the boat and walking a little around, it seems that the island is like a little secluded town. People were very pleasant, smiling as we walked by. There were barely any cars, only ones we saw were parked not driving. Only regret is we didn’t book something to spend the night there.

Protection Island is a great off the main path place to explore. The island is beautiful and the history behind it is so interesting to learn about. There is amazing food and drink on the island and the ferry ride is quick with a gorgeous view. The ferry ride is $10 round trip per person.

source: Tripadvisor

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