Pipers Lagoon Park In Nanaimo BC

Don’t be dismayed if there are quite a few cars in the parking lot because you likely won’t see many people. Some people hang out at the beach alongside the spit – so many logs and driftwood to sit on and about 500M of beachfront, so nobody’s going to get crowded.

And the shubs and bushes keep the beach from obvious sight in any case. Head left and over the rocky bluff to what amounts to an amazing little island around which there are easy trails. Depending on the tide, you can even take a shortcut back to the spit by skirting the lagoon.

Watch your step if you’re wearing Gucci shoes, though. Otherwise, comfortable walking shoes will do.

Our whole experience was eThe walk has some ups and downs so a short climbing ability is required. Not for people on wheel chairs or walkers. It is a windy spot on a windy day as it is right on the ocean.

But it is worth while to go there and get a view of of Nanaimo and the flora and beaches which surround it. It was worth the uneven climb and trails. Highly recommend it.

One of the best in the area! We started with a seaweed gin martini. The apply humous set the tone and was excellent. The main star was the rack Garry Oaks sculpted by the seasons, moss covered rocks, Shack Island water front cabins still in use today.

Unequaled views with an ever changing water front as the tide comes in and goes out. For the more adventurous, and fit, rocks to climb over, wonderful place to walk the dog, or sit on a log, mediate or just enjoy!

source: Tripadvisor

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