Nori Japanese Restaurant In Nanaimo BC

You don’t just come here for the food, you come here for the experience. We had the grilled Tuna along with many other rolls and they flame seared the tuna right on your table. Everything we had was amazing and they are so creative with rolls I’ve never seen anywhere else like the Black Angus Tenderloin or pressed Sushi or smoked Unagi bowl. You just have to go see for yourself and I can’t wait to go back and try different ones. My fussy kid loved the rice, tempura prawns and California rolls.

We tried this restaurant for the first time. Ordered the Omakase, chef’s recommendation for four of us. Five different dishes and all were very good. We all raved about the food and we had plenty to eat. This was outstanding and will be a favorite place for dine in or takeout.

The Bento Box we ordered for lunch was the best we’ve ever had. The deep-fried tuna-wrap was unique to Nori. The salad dressing was delicious. On occasion, we’ve ordered one box and two rolls and other times, 2 bento boxes for 3 adults. Both options are more than enough food and all for less than $50. Reservations recommended and definitely required. We went for a mid-week lunch at 1:15pm and there was still a line up for those who didn’t book ahead.

source: Tripadvisor

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