Newcastle Island in Nanaimo BC

Wonderful walk after dinner on a summer evening. There was a hippy drum circle lending to excellent ambiance. Sunset along the water was lovely. 3 of us had a pleasant walk around the island. The concession stand was closed but we knew beforehand that it would be. We had to wait for 3 ferries before we got off the island. The wait on the dock was fine since the weather was nice.

The best part for me was the small ferry boat ride across to Newcastle. Once there you can spend the day discovering the open waterfront or camp overnight in the treed area with full amenities. Bring your camera!

Only a short 10 minute ferry ride from Nanaimo and you are surrounded by nature. Most of the trails are shaded so even on a hot day it is a comfort hike. Along the shore trail there are a few little bays and beach areas where you can cool off and go for a swim. I was lucky enough to see three owls near Mallard Lake.

Newcastle Island only 10 mins boat ride very cheap under $10 return fare , (NO CASH ) and leaving on Maffeo Soutton Dock in Nanaimo to Saysutshum /Newcastle Island ,every half hours ,wow ,so quiet and peaceful ,not crowned at all ! great place for camping ,lovely trails ,walking or beach combing , what a magnificent views !

source: Tripadvisor

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