Neck Point Park in Nanaimo BC

Free parking but slim choices even on a Monday evening at 6 pm in the summer.

Trails interconnect so you can choose easy, accessible walks or more challenging and longer hikes. Views of the strait of Georgia towered over by layers of mountainous silhouettes in the background make dreamy landscapes while you play on the pebbly beaches or walk in the forests.

Benches and explanatory signs at scenic spots. Fairy doors seen on some of the trees were an added treat. This Park serves as a great escape to relax and take in the nature that surrounds the city of Nanaimo.

Go early for best parking and choose from 3 different paths to hike where you’ll find many viewing areas to take in the rugged coastline or watch the sunset. A nice place to relax or have a picnic close by on the beach area. Great place for Tai Chi.

unbelievable that i did not know about this spot after living in the area for over 30 years. I’ve been to pipers lagoon and enjoyed my walk there.
this waterfront and environmentally sensitive park is accessed off hammond bay road just north of pipers lagoon.

As we arrived a class from the nearby school arrived, loved the sound of their excited voices. don’t hear that often during covid times. wonderful they can do field trips here. From the good sized parking lot one arrives at picturesque finn beach. Walking to the left one comes to a viewing platform where the park stores equipment.

This area was privately owned until 2009. the acquisition now provides 36 acres of parkland. The view from here is towards pipers lagoon and shack island and the stait of georgia. the shacks are privately owned, built in 1930. Beautiful sunny day to see the islands of texada and leasqueti from the large wooden viewing area along the way.

The groves of garry oak and well maintained tralls make for a pleasant walk. The eagle in one of the trees was a bonus as were the sea lions swimming by. there are a number of pebbled beaches waiting to be explored. we walked past last beach which is known for its scuba diving.
sunset beach obviously would be popular. walked back through the forest to the parking lot. a 1.8 km loop trail. next time we’ll walk it twice.
better late at discovering this wonderful park than never!

source: Tripadvisor

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