Maffeo Sutton Park In Nanaimo BC

If you like boats, Maffeo Sutton Park offers the best view of Nanaimo’s marinas and waterfront. Always lots to enjoy including a kids’ playground, a bandstand, food vendors and a spacious, beautifully landscaped park.

Nice waterfront park for a short stroll and look at the outdoor art displays and the harbour. Parking is free if you stay less than 3 hours but you still need to go to the machine and enter your licence plate number and leave the ticket on the dash. More than 3 hours and it cost.

Maffeo Sutton Park, named after Peter Maffeo and Joe Sutton, is recognized as the city’s “signature park” exactly because it is a large multi-use recreational area. Here, you can enjoy scenic views, get in some cardio on the Harbourfront Walkway, watch the little ones play, and enjoy many a nice picnic on grassy hills under the relaxing shade of trees.

The Park represents a sea of calm in an otherwise bustling and busy Oceanside city.

This park has amazing views. There is a lovely asphalt path weaving through and around the park.

Trees and water a beautiful combo. There is also a play ground and a small beach.

source: Tripadvisor

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