Hemer Provincial Park in Nanaimo BC

another new spot for us to explore.
accessed off cedar rd. onto hemer rd.
109 hectares, a gift to the province in 1981 from the hemer family.
11 km. of trails, containing the 4.2 km. loop walk.
it was closed off in a few spots yesterday due to snow.
a bit muddy in a number of areas due to our recent snowfall.
saw swans along the way and beaver activity on trees by the water.
a marsh and holden lake part of the park, good areas for boating for anglers.
many families and dogs on leashes.
pit toilets at the entrance.
glad we arrived at 10:00 as the parking lot was full and cars were parked along the sides of the road when we left.
a most pleasant day and walk during these challenging covid days.

To enhance your walk and have less problems with vehicle parking it is worth while considering parking at Coco Cafe. Its a straight walk from the cafe to the park. On reaching the park walk lake side and when the large metal barrier is reached head up and along the upper trail turning back down to the lake to head back to the Coco cafe. Probable a 1 1/2 hour return walk but an easy walk. Also for Geocachers there is that option as well. Stopping off at the Coco Cafe is a good idea as it has great coffee and great food.

My husband and I went for a stroll in Hemer Park after a trip to the Cedar Farmer’s Market in October. There were several dog walkers having a kaffeeklatsch in the parking lot. We found the park was several degrees colder because of the deep shade of the forest. I would have enjoyed my walk more if, I was more warmly dressed. I think it would an ideal place to walk on a hot sunny day.:)

source: Tripadvisor

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