Colliery Dam Park in Nanaimo BC

Dropped by on November 6 since it was nice and sunny. Very nice walk along good trails that were partially covered in the fall leaves. Lots of interesting shaped coniferous trees, next time I will remember my camera. Plan on returning when the rainy season starts since the spillway could be very interesting.
Has a washroom near the parking lot. The parking lot was full but there is additional parking on the side streets.

If you are looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon then Colliery Dam Park may be what you are looking for. The walking paths are wide and easily accessible making the walk through the woods easy for most ages. There are some twists and turns so if you are looking for the actual dams make sure you take a picture of the map at the beginning of the park entrance. Both the upper and lower dams are clean enough to swim if you desire and you will also find a few hopeful fisherman. The dams are stocked with fish each year. A great way to spend a sunny afternoon off the beaten path in Nanaimo

This museum was an unexpected find, tucked in the convention center. The museum gives an overview of Nanaimo. There are a lot of old photos

This park has a bit of everything, gravel, mulsh, and paved trails. If you like fishing this park offers some quality shore based fishing.

I like the casual stroll through the forests on my way to Granny falls which is just hidden off outside the park but is really easy to find.

I admit I have not done a good job of exploring Nanaimo but the walk around the Colliery Dam was awesome, the tree’s gave forth with an array of colours and the waters were exceptional, well worth the hike around it and I will head there again in the spring.

source: Tripadvisor

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