Aquatic Centre in Nanaimo BC

I’ve been to a lot of similar places around the world, but the NAC definitely ranks among the best. The entire facility is superlative, modern, ultraclean, spacious, airy, feature-packed for the whole family, magnificently maintained, and extremely well supervised.

In fact, the only detriment I could find is not the fault of the facility in any way. The cafe area tends to attract groups of teenagers who laze around the tables turning the air blue with swearwords. Literally one four letter word per SECOND for hours! Given that this place is frequented by countless numbers of children, these rude animals should be kicked out and barred!

We visited here with a family of 4. We paid for a family pass which set us back (I think) $14 (Canadian), which was super awesome because we hadn’t checked prices before going and I was expecting to pay around $100. Our closest waterpark where we live costs us around $150 for the family, for the day, so this felt like a steal.

source: Tripadvisor

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