Bowen Park in Nanaimo BC

Went to see the waterfalls and got a bonus of lots of flowers growing along the path. Spring is a good time to see what is flowering in the area. Waterfalls was easy access from the parking lot. I went very early in the morning and I am not sure I would send my wife alone down the path that early in the morning. Later in the day there probably is a much higher volume of people. Great park to stop into. If you have a child learning to ride their bike, there is a paved circle to ride around. Climbing structures, slides and other things to play on. Skating, swimming pool, and walking trails near by .

The park is a bit of a jewel in the middle of the city, I have been to as least two weddings held outside her and have walked many of the trails and along the creek. This is a great place for a BBQ or picnic. Bring the kids and frizby and you are set.

Although this urban park isn’t in the league of Central Park or Stanley Park, it is a wonderful expanse of lush rainforest greenery right next door to downtown Nanaimo. There are ample sporting grounds, lots of leafy trails, and many more natural attractions. I would have scored it five out of five but when I went there the “Discontent City” was still in full activity just a few blocks away and there was a contingent of people who let’s just say: They weren’t in the park to enjoy sports or nature. Hopefully when that whole mess gets settled in late 2018, this park will return to the citizens who really want to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

source: Tripadvisor

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