Ammonite Falls in Nanaimo BC

A gem just outside of Nanaimo (10 drive from downtown). A very easy 45 minute hike to the falls but more technical to reach the falls from the trail: steps that are ~24” but helped with numerous ropes. The reward is worth it because of the secluded, quiet location. The day we went was dry and we had a very nice lunch on the rocks. Saw no more than 5 other people there and the kids loved exploring downstream.

The trail up to just before the falls is very well defined and by my standard moderately safe and requires moderate exercise. To see the falls you need to go down the first decline and best to hold onto the rope, this is now out of the moderate safe and if you trip it is going to hurt a lot. To get to the bottom for best probable viewing there is a second set of ropes that are in the Trail Closed section, these ropes makes the first mentioned rope look easy. Unless you are very fit and there are other people around I don’t recommend the second set of ropes.

It was a great hike. Trail well marked. Up and down terrain not difficult to manage until you reach top of falls. Someone put up a rope with knots in it to hold on to going down the steep incline. View is ok from there( fenced in viewing area) but better the lower you go. Sign posted saying trail is closed but there were more ropes to taking you down a very steep vertical to water. My husband was the only one of 4 of us who did it. It was a muddy mess! He managed it fine, sharing the pictures he took with all of us, and I’m doing lots of laundry!

source: Tripadvisor

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